Thunderbird-Tray 1.2

Hides and shows the Thunderbird client from the system tray
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Felix Geyer

Minimizes the Thunderbird client to the system tray and launches every time it's necessary. With a simple click on the icon, it shows the main window of the Thunderbird app. Triggers the Write Email function directly from the system tray even if the app is minimized.

Thunderbird-Tray is a system tray launcher tool for Mozilla Thunderbird, the popular e-mail client. You can use TB-Tray to hide Thunderbird to the tray while you don't need it. When you click the tray icon, TB-Tray will restore Thunderbird. It also has a menu of options for quick access to Thunderbird features. Thunderbird-Tray is freeware (open source) and licensed under the GPL.

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